ImmoConcept. Your property. Our job: Project development.

As a construction company, project developer and institutional investor, we advise both property as well as non-property companies to identify and realise the development potentials of land and buildings. If necessary, we will also engage external specialists.

Our service means all-round management for all involved.

We are very pleased to assume the following tasks for you:
  • Market and location analyses (including valuation)
  • Acquisition review and identification of purchase risks
  • Preparation of use concepts appropriate for the location
  • Identification of value creation potentials
  • Development of possible change scenarios including their identification and communication to investors and purchaser target groups
  • Acquisition of tenants and users



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Solitair 7, quality condos

Deutschherrenufer, Frankfurt a. M.

task: development, sale

completion: 1999

investment: 14,0 M €

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Office building, old-style built

Senckenberganlage 16, Frankfurt a. M.

task: development, renovation, sale

completion: 2003

investment: 9,0 M €

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f 8, quality condos

Feuerbachstrasse 8, Frankfurt a. M. – Westend

task: consultation floor plan / domestic equipments, sale

completion: 2014

investment: 11,9 M €

We offer consulting and implementation with a holistic view.

In the core markets, there is foremost a limited number of vacant plots in very good locations. As project developers and scouts, we all the more perceive our duty to be: developing ideas and concepts of how land with buildings can be used more sensibly.

In each residential construction project we ask ourselves, what the market environment is like and who the target group is, and then consider which decision the more lucrative one - for example, maintaining the existing building, global sale or marketing of individual units?
Our answer is found by a comparison of

  • the project analysis conducted by us and 
  • the provided calculation model for possible exit strategies in the perspective of the project developer, the client and other investors.

In this process, we work hand in glove with our Investment Consultancy and our Marketing Department.

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