ImmoConcept. Your property. Our job: Market & location analysis.

You are planning a real estate project? We know the market and trends of tomorrow.

To provide you with a solid basis for decision, we analyse the markets and locations for you. This way, we gather, weigh and evaluate systematically all parameters with direct and indirect influence. Besides said analyses, our portfolio also includes the valuation of the properties. We advise you personally and comprehensively.

Value appraisal provides assurance.

Our range of services ahead of the land and property valuation includes:
  • basic evaluation,
  • apportionment of assets and liabilities,
  • research of the hereditary building rights, rights to residence and usufruct, and land charges,
  • landmark protection matters, etc.

For the purpose of the valuation, the following methods are used:
  • Comparative Value, Earning-Capacity and Asset Value method (BauGB, ImmoWertV) [Town and Country Planning Code, Real Estate Valuation Ordinance]
  • Lending Value Assessment (PfandBG, BelWertV) [German Covered Bond Act, Lending Value Ordinance]
  • International valuation methods

Your success can be planned.

We support you with regard to:
  • changed requirements for use,
  • assessment of potentials of demand and plot,
  • analysis of purchasing power/purchasing power flows,
  • survey of qualified demand criteria, 
  • demand origin (internal vs. external),
  • urban planning concepts.

Our detailed analysis provides clarity.

  • In the market analysis, we review the context in legal, technical, socio-cultural and economic views. We evaluate whether the future development of a project proves to have adequate potential.
  • The location analysis allows us to make statements about the location and quality factors that are decisive for the location of real estate, such as recreation/residential quality, infrastructure, development and topography.
  • On this basis, we will provide an objective statement on the present and future quality of the location.
  • We derive the user analysis from the conducted location analysis.
  • This leads to the expected use requirements and the positioning of planned project can be derived

This results in an understanding being obtained as to the strengths and weaknesses of one's own concept, which provides the basis for any optimisation. Please describe your real estate project to us!

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