Your property. Our job.

Since 1989

On the basis of our comprehensive real estate markets expertise we provide professional investment management services and also tailor made real estate property concepts. We listen very closely to the search and risk profiles of our clients and help them to find the “right assets”.

Additionally we professionally manage the entire acquisition process from sourcing, due-diligence, valuation to signing/closing. If selling we will help in structuring the disposal strategy and advise in the selection of appropriate investors within our widespread industry network.

ImmoConcept – since 1989.


Real Estate Investment
Our comprehensive expertise in the rhine-main area as well in nationwide real estate markets is highly appreciated by our clients. ImmoConcept connects suitable real estate assets with investment capital.
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Project Development
As developer and investor we are providing consultancy services to private/ institutional investors as well as non-property corporates. Our experts gained lengthy experience with a combined total of more than 50 years professional track record within the real estate industry.
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Asset Management
In line with our client’s thresholds regarding yield expectations, risk exposure and other important factors we provide professional and comprehensive value-based asset management measures for the entire property portfolio.
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Real Estate Market Forecasts
We collect, assess and consolidate real estate market data within our extensive industry network. Based on these information we build appropriate risk/return models and provide strategic consultancy services with regard to future real estate market prospects.
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Publications about ImmoConcept
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